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Please forgive us but our business is on the back burner these days. We're busy being parents for the first time in over 30 years. Fibercations is still there, just not really active. If you're in the area feel free to call but we're not doing much mail order these days. We'll be back when Kreston is old enough for school. In the mean time, happy fibercating.

* Spinning wheels, from Ashford, Jensen, Louet, and Majacraft * fiber craft supplies including merino, other wools, mohair, alpaca, angora, camel, silk, and llama for designing speciality yarns and felt * wool cards, & ball winders * niddy noddies, swifts, plying boxes from Bob Neal * addi Turbo circular needles, Bates and Clover knitting needles*, Spin Craft, Fiber Trends, & Oat Couture patterns * Interweave Press books for creative inspirations *Sabraset dyes for Protein Fibers* Lollipop spindles * Brown Sheep, Skacel, Regia Yarns * Savon de Marseille soap for felting*, all at Fibercations, for your artistic creations* Information about the Clark County Spinners Un-Inc too!

This online division of the little store located at Between the Oaks Farm, just north of BattleGround, Washington, is pleased to offer you superb spinning fibers as well as several wheels from well known manufacturers and supplies for hand knitters.