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Publications from Interweave Press, Ashford, and Unicorn in stock at Fibercations are at a 10% discount from the suggested retail price with a fiber purchase. Please see our favorite links to these sites as they are too numerous for us to mention.


At the 1999 Northwest Regional Spinner's Conference in Tacoma Washington, I complimented a lady on her beautiful lace shawl. She thanked me and asked if I would like to wear it that evening. I was surprised that a stranger would make such a generous offer, but had the feeling that she wouldn't be a stranger long. Myrna Stahman's shawl stayed on my shoulders all evening while I tended to the Fibercations booth. I'm happy to offer Mryna's new book. It includes the pattern for that gorgeous lace shawl and several others.

The back cover of Myrna's book is loaded with positive comments about the book from knitters like Meg Swansen, Barbara Walker, Joan Schrouder, Yvonne Eyer, Polly Garvey and Margaret Stove. The wonderful assortment of patterns and ideas for Faroese Shaped Shawls and Seamen's Scarves would be a wonderful addition to any knitter's library.


The newest editions of the Ashford Book of Spinning

and the Ashford Book of Weaving are now in stock