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What spinner doesn’t love the feel of nicely prepared fiber. We are constantly in search of new and wonderful spinning fibers and unique colors. As much as we would love to publish pictures of our fibers, the colors appear different on each monitor. Please feel free to e-mail Kathy with any questions you may have. Samples are available on request for a small charge. Our suppliers change prices quite often and when they do, so must we. The prices listed below are subject to change.




Co-op Blend Easy Spin

Combed Top – Natural Cream color – takes dyes beautifully

Highly consistent wool blend of cross bred sheep, Very easy to spin, amazingly soft

$4.25/8oz $9.50/lb $.60/ounce


Merino Superwash

Superwash Merino lambswool top Natural cream color $15/8oz $30/lb

Superwash Merino –mulitcolor special purchase

New Harvest (deep green, black, purple burgundy, white)

$12/8oz $24/lb

Superwash Merino - Multicolored

Bluestone (navy, light & medium teals, browns), or pink noil (mainly baby pink with blues, purples, greens and yellows)

$14/8oz $28/lb

Superwash Merino – Solid color Navy

$12/8oz $24/lb

Merino - Natural and Dyed

Black merino top

$10.50/8oz $21/lb

Merino top Natural cream white

$9.25/8oz $18.25/lb

Merino top dyed multicolor

Channel blue (navy, purple, burgundy,gold olive, blue, white) and Amethist (black, burgundy,blue, gold, purple)

$12/8oz $24/lb


Multicolored Merino

Endicott (purple, burgundy, teal blue, white), garnet (royal purple, burgundy, gold, navy, blue), rose quarts (deep rose pink, purples, green gold, white), sandlewood (gold, orange, blue, white burgundy, brown tones), English garden (green, teal blue, blue, violet, gold)

$14/8oz $28/lb


22 micron dyed Merino Top solid colors

periwinkle and burgundy

$16/8oz $32/lb


Merino Silk Blends

80% Merino 20% Silk

golden hibiscus (rich pumpkin gold with white) and princess blue (navy blues with white)

$18/8oz $36/lb


Merino Mohair Blends

70% 22 micron merino 30% Kid Mohair Sliver

blue lovets (med blue, barely pink gray will look good with faded denim), statice (lavender, baby blues, pink, white), ocean waves (turquoise, nav), mallee blue (navy, purples & lavenders), bottle brush (burgundy, white, black), astibe (red, blue, black, turquoise & green), tea tree (burgundy, green, & black), aussie sunset (red, black, streaks of white), bracken (purples, streaks of yellow, burgundy)

$24/8 oz $48/lb

85% merino 15% Mohair

Jamica (navy, burgundy, purple gold, white, yellow, greens pinks ), Bay Breeze (navy, greens, turquoise, white)

$14/8oz $28/lb


Dyed Carded Corredale from New Zealand

Eggplant, pumpkin, chocolate

$12/8oz $24/lb



Plucked or sheared, beige or white

From the flock of German Giants and English Angoras at

Between the Oaks Farm

Black and Silvers available soon



Alpaca top gray brown

$14/8oz $28/lb

Alpaca Top Brown

$14/8oz $28/lb


Silk and Silk Blends

Cultivated Bombex Silk Brick


80%Merino 20%Silk Top 22 micron Merino blended with Tussah Silk - Natural cream color

$15/8oz $30/lb

70%cotton 30% silk – feels like there’s more silk because of the high quality pima cotton. Great for cool summer garments

$14.25/4oz $28.50/8oz

50%Brown Cashmere/mulberry silk top


50%Baby Camel/mulberry Silk top



Fine Baby Camel – feels almost like cashmere

Warm light brown color, soft and easy to spin



50%Brown Cashmere/mulberry silk top



Blending nylon

Bright white blending nylon, great for strengthening those sox.


Icicle Top

A little of this goes a long way to add shine and color to your spinning

Turquoise, golden sunset, or black


Crystal Metallic Fibers

A touch of soft metallic accent gives your yarns a unique flair.

Gold, silver, or copper



Fibercations Guarantee

If your purchase does not meet your expectations, please return it within 30 days in new condition for a full refund