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To see photos and learn even more about Louet wheels please click to see the Louet website.

Since 1974 the Louet team in Holland has been researching, designing, experimenting and consulting with its customers to create a superior line of spinning wheels.  Their well-balanced wheels have been carefully engineered to be easy-to-use, durable, low-maintenance, aesthetically pleasing and productive.  Louet wheels come equpped with a two bobbin lazy kate, have a single belt bobbin drive with an adjustable flyer brake to regulate tension.  The flexible belts are made of polyurethane and never need adjusting.  Bobbins have a sheave with three settings on one side that can be used to obtain three spinning speeds.  The ratios are 1: 5.5, 1:7.5, and 1:10.5.   Ball bearings in the main hub and at the footman require no lubrication.   Wheels are packed flat and require tightening two nuts; tools and instructions are included.   


Model S10 - The original Louet wheel with minor modifications to keep in on the leading edge of spinning technology.  The S10DT is equipped with a double treadle.

Model S15 - This unfinished solid wheel allows your own unique finish.  The S15DT is equiped with a double treadle

Model S51 - A more traditional version of the single treadle S10 with a spoke wheel.  It comes finished and in a double treadle version, the S51DT

Model S75 - Another wheel waiting for your own unique finish.  This double treadling system has a traditional spoke appearance but modern technology.  Must be finished soon after purchase.  Inlcudes one double bobbin lazy kate but will accommodate 2 for those 3 and 4 ply yarns. 

Model S76 - The clear lacquered finish version of the S75.

Model S77 -   Identical to S75 ans S76 but with a rich brown stain this wheel gives a more traditional appearance than any other Louet wheel with all the precise engineering expected of a Louet.

Louet spinning wheel accessories include skeinwinders, high speed bobbins, fatcore high speed bobbins for cotton and fine slippery fibers, and distaffs.