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Fibercations carries all Majacraft wheels even the new Gem! For pictures and more exact descriptions, please click to go to the Majacraft website.

Suzie - This modern design is all you'll ever need in a folding travelling wheel.  Double treadles, frictionless ball bearings, single hook flyer, maintenance free drive band, high capacity boilable bobbins, twelve ratios, lightweight, right or left handed and requires no threading hook.  Very smooth operation. 

Saxonie - Updated design with super smooth double treadle.  Can be reversed for left or right options.  Frictionless ball bearings and pitman drive.  Single hook flyer and easy change bobbins.  Maintenance free drive band.  Five ratios.  Simple and beautiful for those who enjoy traditional wheels. 

The Rose - Beautifully styled upright wheel retains the best features of the popular Suzie wheel while combining the traditional look of an antique.  Handcrafted in New Zealand Rimu, the rose comes complete with it's own bobbin storage box.  A spinning chair is also available.  The rose weighs only 6 kg, approximately 13 pounds.

The Millie - The newest addition to the Majacraft wheels. The Majacraft Millie weighs only 12 pounds. The Millie combines traditional elements and modern technology to make a wheel of simple elegance. The Millie is a compact upright wheel but with a full orifice height and wonderful spinning capabilities. It's constructed from beautiful New Zealand Rimu timber, has cabriole legs and would grace any home.

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