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French Onion Soup

Slice some onions in a sauce pan, or use those frozen ones, add a can or 2 of beef bullion and some parsley if itís available. Boil until onions are clear. While the soup is beginning to boil, cube some stale french bread in ovenproof soup bowls and top with shreaded motzerella cheese. After the soup is boiling, pour over the bread. Broil until the cheese barely turns brown. Serve with a sandwich.

Potato Soup

I peel as many potatoes as I feel like peeling, and sometimes that isn't but one if it's big, but it's only to add texture to the soup. Cube the potatoes and put them with some diced onion in a kettle. I use frozen chopped onions or dehydrated ones if I don't have fresh available. Barely cover the potatoes and onions with water and boil until barely tender and the water is reduced. Add Wylers chicken and herb bullion to taste, but be careful and don't get it too salty. Add milk until you have as much soup as you want. This can even be evaporated milk off the shelf, but be sure to dilute evaported milk in half with water. Now add enough dehydrated potatoes to thicken the soup and the left over sausage you cooked for breakfast. If you have sour cream in the frig, this is a great addition too. If I have neither of these, I usually add a little butter. Chives and parsley dress it up a bit.

Bob doesn't like dehydrated potatoes unless he doesn't know that he's eating them. He does love this soup. Serve it with a crusty bread.