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Patterns are especially created for handspinners.
Spin Craft patterns are $3 each or buy 4 and get the 5th one free!

Weaving a fold – full size looms are expensive but with a 4 harness loom you can have twice the fabric with half the loom. $3.00

Irish Cable Knit Sweater – Pullover for the experienced knitter - $3.00

Color and texture sweater – gorgeous special effect created by a two color yarn you dye yourself. This pattern tells you how $3.00

Two button rag sweater – Knit it plain or put in the variations included - $3.00

Entrelac pullover – A bulky long sweater with puffy peasant sleeves, knit all in one piece starting at one sleeve and ending at the other. - $3.00

Shawl Collar Sweater – comfy sweater knit in the roudn from the bottom up - $3.00

Cable Yoke Sweater – Fun project because it never gets boring. You start at the collar and work the sweater down - $3.00

Sleeve to Sleeve cardigan or pullover – Nice project for a dip-dyed yarn - $3.00

Lace cardigan Sweater with Saddle Shoulder – Especially nice with a lightweight yarn and larger needles - $3.00

Lace Vest – beautiful pullover vest with cable and seed stitch pattern - $3.00

Moss Stitch Vest and Gloves – Try this vest on for size while you go, all shaping is done in the beginning phases. V neck with buttons. - $3.00

Cable one side vest with hat – Never fear, with this pattern you can accomplish cables! - $3.00

Color and Cable Vest – This vest is complicated and beautiful. V neck - $3.00

Shaped Wimple – Traditional head cover, the perfect project for small amounts of exotic yarns. Two variations included. - $3.00

Ear Flap Hat – Classic hat, easy to make in many variations. Perfect for knitting machine project, great seller at craft fairs - $3.00

Fluffy hat, mittens, and leg warmer set - Pretty, wild hat with scarf attached, mittens and leg warmers to match $3.00

Best Socks – Socks are easy with this pattern. Once you understand the basics, you’ll be trying variations and inventing your own sock pattern. - $3.00

Entrelac Socks – Surprisingly easy to make even though they look very complicated. Warning though, entrelac is addicting and you’ll probably be starting on the sweater to match when your socks are finished - $3.00

Baby Bunting knit and crochet – Keep baby’s feet nice and snug in a sack with a hood to protect his head. Sack is zipped p the front and tied at the bottom and at the hood. - $3.00

Triangular Shawl and Large Lacy Tam – Started in the center back and increased in center which makes it expand outward into a triangle. Beautiful and easy to change patterns. - $3.00

Baby Heart Cardigan and bootees – This sweater can be made to fit a wide size range of babies and children. Be sure to use a soft fiber. - $3.00